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'LAGOM' the Swedish word which means "Not too much, not too little" the concept of LAGOM in interiors is a dream come true for the minimalist.


Lagom is not just a style that you can have to make your home look better. It is a way of life. Bringing in this way of life into your home is all about creating balance. If you want to embrace this way of life, it's time you decide what is better not only for you, but also for your home. 


It's time for you to let go of the things that have been making your home less homely and more cluttered, and bringing in things that will make your home appear simpler yet more elegant at the same time.


When you embrace the Lagom lifestyle, you are also embracing a more sustainable way of living. 


With a Lagom-inspired home, you are sure to conserve more energy, try and reduce your water usage, reduce waste, use less power in the home (switch off appliances instead of leaving them on standby and have shorter showers for example) and live a healthier lifestyle. 



Changing the way your house looks will surely help you achieve the sustainable lifestyle you desire. Moderation is the key factor when styling a 'LAGOM' home.

Take a minimalist approach and style your home sparsely with good quality Homewares. 

Natural materials and simplicity are key, shown beautifully here in the stunning work of local West Cork artisan Alison Ospina, her greenwood Armchair and foot stool covered in the fabulous Orla Keily fabric are a classic example of stylish simplicity.





It is 'Time to Uncork your imagination'  WHY? 

Because Cork is making a Come Back and it is going to be BIG in home interiors this year.


Forget thoughts of the cork clad interior of the 70's Prepare to embrace the New application of 'CORK' with a 21st Century twist as lots of furniture and home accessories will be getting the cork treatment.


With environmental issues and sustainability at the forefront of many people's minds, finding ways of utilising renewable resources is an on going priority and cork being an eco-friendly material - It makes sense to use it. 

Cork is a light material, wear resistant and insulating, Ideal for flooring as it has anti-microbial attributes that combat mold, and its anti-static surface eliminates dust and absorbs toxins, making it ideal for people with allergies or children. Further, Cork doesn't absorb moisture so it perfectly suits the bathroom. Its natural brown-orange shades will contrast beautifully with Deep natural colours. There are so many reasons to say “Yes” to Introducing cork into your home interior in 2017.


A cork wall will liven up and add warmth to any area in your home, it also has the ability to absorb noise, try it on a home office wall, it can also double up as a pin board.


If you need help with any interior dilemmas or would like to explore the use of cork in your home I would love to help.

You can contact me 

Lauraine Farley on 086 8657360


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