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Colour Consultancy

Whether it is walls that you are changing Interior or Exterior

or furniture that you wish to revamp. I can offer help and advise on both.


After a house/site visit, I forward a full written report on my suggestions to my clients that can then go on to carry out the work themselves or I can help to source trades men to get the job done. 



Lovely Testimonial from a happy customer in Clonakilty which reads as follows:


Our country kitchen needed a lift without a major overhaul and breaking the bank! Lauraine and Tim were definitely the team we needed. They understood my brief and the need to do the project in stages. Colour, timing and cost were planned. The result....STUNNING! We have a gorgeous, updated kitchen. Clever space allocation and colour combinations have provided us with the 'breath of fresh air' our kitchen was yearning for. Lauraine and Tim are not only creative, but professional and understanding. They listen to your needs and deliver timeously, with great attention to detail. I cannot wait to start a new project with them!


We specialize in restoration of both furniture and garden furniture

So whether it is an old garden bench in need of some TLC,  Grandma's old dresser or an old kitchen chair from your childhood, why not give it to us and we will transform it into a treasure that you will adore for many more years to come.  We can re-purpose it just because it was a wardrobe in its previous life, that doesn't mean it won't make a great bookshelf in its second.

Tim & Lauraine are always on hand to chat about ideas of how to revamp what you already have.

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